The Tomb of Dromar

They set out not knowing what they would find, but were soon told by their guide Braxon Lonfellow, an elf, what they should expect to find. About halfway through their journey three tiny ice elementals rose from the ground and gravely injured Albus, who then shattered two of them leaving Braxon to split the other in half. As they continued on Braxon fell twenty feet down through a thin sheet of ice. Arhan took about ten arrows and embed them into the ice near where Braxon fell and tied a rope around them. Albus then proceeded to repel down, pick Braxon up, and haul him out of the hole. Braxon had badly broken his leg, and Albus had to carry him the rest of the way. When they reached the tomb Braxon revealed the door under the ice with  a strange liquid in a vile. They entered and slept, when they awoke Braxon told them to enter the tomb. As they walked down the hall they were greeted by the Spirit of Dromar. He told them their first test was of cunning, a riddle that they quickly answered. Their second was of strength, two skeletons that Albus froze. The third of selflessness, a pool of acid was opening beneath them that needed a sacrifice. As the acid was about to take them Arhan sacrificed himself. As he was about to hit the acid he was suspended in midair and blessed by the spirit. The fourth test was of courage, they walked towards a glowing crystal and what also was their death. They then awoke in a small room containing a helm of telepathy. As they picked the item up they blacked out, and awoke in the original hallway, but devoid of the door and spirit. They gathered their loot and returned to Braxon who only wanted a single golden ring as payment, his father’s. They carried Braxon out of the tomb to find a white dragon wyrmling, with a blind left eye and a large scar over it, that Arhan used the helm of telepathy to speak with it. It conveyed they should stay away from its food. As they left Arhan was sent an image of the world frozen over. They then continued on back to Mal mara.


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